Bike Light Reviews – Top 3 Best Selling Bike Lights 2018

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In need of a new bike light, or simply need an upgrade from your current bike light? Below we have the Top 3 Best selling and affordable bike lights available on the market today. We Also have more available to read on our site.

Top 3 Bestselling Bike lights 2018

LED Bike lights are a necessary investment for any cyclist looking to ride after dark. These lights not only serve as solutions in the dark but also come in handy in the daytime where visibility is reduced. Chances are that at least once in a cyclist riding years, riding in the dark would be inevitable. A LED light could be the difference between “home safe” and “stuck in a ditch somewhere”. For cyclists who understand the importance of LED lights, it is imperative to note that with LED lights, it is often a hit or miss scenario. You could either have a good light for your bike or you have one that looks good but is eventually a waste of money. For the purpose of this article, we are going to assume you do not like to throw money around; hence this article on the Top 3 best selling bike lights. If you want to change your bike lights then one of the LED lights on this list would certainly do it for you. This list features:


Blitzu Gator 320

Cycle Torch 300

Bright Eyes 300

USB Chargeable

LED Light

Tail Light Included

Quick Release


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Blitzu Gator 320

If what you are looking for in a LED light is a high-performance USB rechargeable light with a long lasting battery life, then the Blitzu Gator 320 offers that and so much more. With its USB rechargeable feature, the Blitzu Gator 320 bicycle headlight can be charged using your computer or any device with a USB port. For a device with 4 lighting modes lasting for 2 hours to 5hours depending on your choice of lighting mode, this device surprisingly takes just 2 hours till it is fully charged.

When cycling at night, you cannot afford to have any blind spots; with the Blitzu Gator 320 which offers a 360-degree swivel ability, you can rotate your LED lights to shine in any direction you want, totally illuminating all dark paths as you ride. This LED light is equipped with the latest CREE LED that provides an UltraBright 320 lumen output and as far as a 300 feet beam, instantly improving your visibility significantly.

Instead of trying your hands at several bike lights before you get the right fit for your bike, take advantage of the Gator 320’s versatility as this LED light fits a variety of handlebars up to 40mm (diameter). Whether it’s a TREK, GIANT, SCHWINN, CANNONDALE or even a GT, the Blitzu Gator 320 just fits right on any bike handle as seamlessly as possible.

With ample control buttons located conveniently on top of the light for easy access, the Gator 320 offers 4 lighting modes

  • High (2hr Runtime)
  • Mid (4hr Runtime)
  • Flashing (5hr Runtime)
  • Low (6hr Runtime) … all from a simple 2hr charge from the comfort of your PC or USB charge socket.

With all the great qualities that this light offers, durability is also important and the Blitzu Gator 320 has no shortcomings in that respect. As an impact resistant light, the Gator 320 boasts a military Grade Anodized finish, not to mention that it is also water resistant which makes it very suitable for rainy and snowy nights.


Secondly on our Bike Light Reviews Top 3 list we have the Gator 320, the cycle torch shark 300 comes with the option of recharging its batteries via USB ports too. With an approximate charge time of 4hrs, this LED light offers as much as 1.5 to 2hrs of runtime on High lighting mode. Its unique flat beam technology keeps the rays of light away from blinding other road users which by extension keeps you safer as you ride at night. This light is not only super bright and durable with a 300 lumens output that efficiently illuminates all dark paths, it also comes with a quality LED tail light which increases your visibility and as such users are able to see their rear using the cycle torch shark 300. The shark 300 cycling light fits a variety of handlebars up to 50mm (diameter), ranging from GIANT, SPECIALIZED, SEVEN, FUJI and much more.

The cycle torch shark 300 offers durability, a 1-year money back guarantee from the company and a water resistant finish that makes it suitable for all weathers.

Bright Eyes Waterproof 300

Thinking of going on a long bike ride, a business commute or some sort of cycling adventure, then this LED is just the perfect fit for that sort of thing. With adjustable lumens ranging from 80 lumens to 300 lumens, this Bright Cree q5 LED bike light is optimized for users’ safety. Probably the prize winner with the design of the Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminum Waterproof 300 is the fact that it offers a second bonus light as well as a tail light for free. This means that by purchasing these LED lights you get two lights for the prize of one.

You could either use both lights on one bike for added illumination or split them across two bikes for an equally great illumination for each bike. You could also detach the extra light to serve as torchlight.

This LED light is not only easy to install and use without requiring any external tools during installation, it is also durable and waterproof which makes it very suitable for any kind of weather. It also offers users 3 lighting modes with up to 48ft of concentrated brightness and as far as 1500ft of visibility. All you need is to insert your 3AAA batteries and you are good to go.

After reading these three bike light reviews you will see that users purchasing these products are guaranteed;

  • Proper illumination
  • Long Lasting Battery life
  • Latest LED lighting technology
  • Durability
  • A variety of lighting modes
  • Water resistant finish
  • Value for money.