Fineed Bike Light Set


The Fineed Bike Light Set is one of a kind. Not only does it have a decent lighting set, but it’s also equipped with a unique and handy feature – a horn.

Lighting On The Fineed Bike Light Set

This bike light set offers an impressive front light beam strength which can be visible up to 300 feet. Its powerful white light is supported by the latest OSRAM LED technology which can give a maximum output of 320 lumens.

While the taillight may not be as bright as the front light, as all taillights do, it emits a red light with considerable strength, with a beam that can be observed from a maximum of 20 feet.

Choosing the light mode for the front and taillight is just one click away. With its easy-to-use button, you can change the front light setting from a solid and super bright mode, to flashing light, and to another dimmer mode. The taillight offers three light modes as well: a steady light, a quick flash, and a slow pulse.

Installation of the Fineed Bike Light Set

The Fineed Bike Light Set features a mount with a universal fit for all kinds of bicycles. The installation requires no tools and both lights can be fitted and detached within seconds.

The free straps are also highly versatile. Each light comes with its own three-notch strap so you can adjust its grip and mount it anywhere on your bike. You can put it on your helmet, backpack, and even on your dog’s leash for more visibility.

Battery and charger

Fineed is also one of the uncommon bike light brands that include its own battery and charger in the package. This bike light set contains a 1200 mAh battery which can be easily charged using a USB port. The battery is also rechargeable and only takes two hours for a full charge.

Using the complementary batteries, the front light can last up to 3 hours on high settings, 6 hours when on low, and a 5-hour runtime when the flashing mode is on.


As for its materials, the front light is made with a military-grade anodized finish. It’s also waterproof rated to IPX5 to assure you protection against water from all angles.

Bonus feature

And if that’s still not enough, Fineed throws in an additional horn for a safer biking experience. Apart from its extra bright lights, the horn is also audible enough to be heard from 20 meters away. You can choose from the 5 available sound presets just by pressing on the horn button for 3 seconds.

There are also 2 different volume levels for the horn so you can alternate between loud horn and a more discreet one. Plus, the horn comes with a silicon strap to secure it. Now you can be seen and be heard by other drivers.

Fineed Bike Light Set Conclusion

Lastly, this set comes in an elegant-looking padded gift box, so if you’re thinking of what to give for your bike enthusiast friend, Fineed Bike Light Set would be a fine option. Overall, it’s a great bargain especially for something that costs less than $20.

Fineed Bike Light Set

Fineed Bike Light Set
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