Top 5 Light and Motion Bike Lights

The Top 5 Light and Motion Bike Lights For 2017

The Light and Motion brand of bike lights is a reputable brand that produces lighting devices designed for use across a variety of plains, trails and bikes. The Light and Motion brand of bike lights are top notch biking lights that offer efficient lighting solution for commuters, mountain hikers etc. at an affordable price. While this brand has quite a number of bike lights, we have put together our list of the Top 5 Bike lights developed and released by the brand.

The purpose of this article is to point avid bikers in the right direction. The bike lights discussed in this article include:

Light & Motion Urban 350 Bike Headlight

The Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight

Light & Motion Urban 500 Bike Headlight

Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight

Light & Motion Urban 650 Bike Headlight

Light & Motion Urban 350 Bike Headlight

The Light & Motion Urban 350 is thoughtfully designed with daily commuters in mind and is powerful enough to meet the needs of narrow mountainous biking trail lovers. It is simply the lightest, brightest, most compact light in its class. If you have been looking for the perfect light for safe riding on dark streets, then the Light & Motion Urban 350 is just what you need.

This light packs a 350 lumens output certified to the FL-1 Standard, not to mention its hardcore casing that can withstand drops on concrete surfaces from 1 meter. Brilliantly engineered with the top of the line CREE LED and possessing an enhanced firmware, this bike light is a biker’s delight.

The Light & Motion Urban 350 is one of the few bike lights with a precise 4 level battery charge status indicator such that users can tell if are running low on battery power. A small LED on the back of the case changes its color from green to orange to red to flashing red as the battery life drains. This ensures plenty of warning when the battery starts to drop, so you won’t get stuck in the woods with an unexpected low battery.

Biking enthusiasts would love the custom engineered reflector that optimizes the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution of light for cycling.

Thanks to the innovative design of the Light & Motion Urban 350; it creates a wide, smooth beam that ensures adequate visibility.

There are four working modes of the Urban 350: High: 1.5 hours (350 lumens), Medium: 3 hours (150 lumens), Low: 6 hours (75 lumens), and Pulse: 12 hours (75 lumens)

A prominent feature of this innovative bike light is the amber side lighting that gives you a full 180 degrees of visibility, which comes in handy at intersections where most bicycle-vehicle accidents occur. With an IP67 Rating, the Light and Motion Urban 350 has been tested to be fully waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, so you can use it in all weather conditions. Very few bike lights on the market can claim to be as reliable or robust.

When you purchase this bike light, you also get a quick Release Handlebar Mount, and a Micro USB Charging Cable.

The Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight

The Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight is a super bright sophisticated LED bike light designed to enhance your riding experience by boosting your visibility on the roadway thus giving users the safer riding experience they deserve.

Riding at night has its pros and cons; one of the cons being the risk that your visibility and that of nighttime drivers and passersby could be hampered by the natural low lighting of the night. Without proper illumination, chances are you could run into several obstacles. However, leveraging on the ultra bright lumens of the Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight means you are able to comfortably spot obstacles on your path as well as get spotted by other road users.

The “FC” in the model’s designation stands for Fast Charge. This bike light employs special technology that cuts the standard Urban 800’s charge time in half, so you can keep rolling on the double. This new Fast Charge innovation gives you 2.5hrs charge time with a 2 amp charger.

The Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight is certified to FL-1 Standard with a maximum lumen output of 800 lumens using high powered CREE LEDs to provide riders with 4 different lighting modes capable of illuminating a rider’s path at different runtimes depending on the choice of lighting modes.

And if an 800 lumens output headlight does not seem like equal value for your money, the Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight offers an innovative waterproof design which ensures that users are able to use this LED bike light regardless of weather conditions. Not to mention that the powerful amber safety side lights that come with this bicycle gifts you equal visual safety indicators as other vehicles.

Why guess how much battery life you have left when the Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Headlight provides an accurate battery status indicator.

Leverage on the quality and array of light options offered by this amazing LED light and enjoy long lasting illumination across a variety of runtimes. Below are the lighting modes offered by the Light & Motion Urban 800FC Bike Light and their runtimes;

High Lighting Mode: Lasts for 1.5 hours with a maximum lumen output of 800 lumens.

Mid Lighting Mode: Offers a 3-hour runtime, illuminating at a lumen output of 350 lumens

Low Lighting Mode: Offers a 6-hour runtime with a lumen output of about 175 lumens

Pulse Mode: Lasts as much as 12 hours with a maximum output of 175 lumens

Light & Motion Urban 500 Bike Headlight

The Light & Motion Urban 500 bike light is yet another product from the Light and Motion line of Bike Lights. It is the most pragmatic light for daily commuters and weekend riders. This bike light gives off an amazing 500 lumens of output, tested and certified to the FL-1 quality standard. Compared to most other lights in the mainstream market, the Light & Motion Urban 500 bike light outshines the competition.

The Light & Motion Urban 500 comes with a custom engineered reflector that provides a smooth beam pattern without any distracting hard edges – one of the most critical yet often overlooked features of bicycle lights. Users would be delighted to know that the Light & Motion Urban 500 has high-intensity amber sidelights which give them 180 degrees of visibility for commuting in high traffic areas via a precisely engineered lens. This evenly distributes light over a field designed to help cyclists see both near and far while riding and keep you safe through busy intersections.

Durability is a characteristic of all Light & Motion products and you find this in the Urban 500 as the light is tested to withstand multiple 1-meter drops on concrete surfaces, making it quite robust. Not to mention the IP67 waterproof rating allows the light to be fully submerged in water for up to 1 meter without penetration – water penetration is known to be one the major causes of bicycle light failure.

The Light & Motion Urban 500 Headlight measures 4 inches long and 1.2 inches wide, takes five hours to charge and can be mounted on either your handlebar or helmet, requiring no tools for installation. The mounting strap is very secure and easy to attach to any size handlebar.

The bike light is carefully crafted in a lightweight aluminum body with integrated heat sink fins.

You won’t have issues with the charging of this device as it is micro USB Rechargeable. Five hours of charge gives a full a lasting battery. This bike light also provides a low battery warning and auto shut-off system that comes into play to prevent damage.

The Light and Motion Urban 500 has multiple power settings and operates on four working modes:

High 1hr: 30 minutes – 500 Lumens

• Med 3 hrs – 225 Lumens

• Low 6 hrs – 115 Lumens

• Pulse 12 hrs – 115 Lumens

Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight

While speeding up a pathway in the middle of the night at 20 miles per hour, you cannot afford any blind spots as a clearer visibility guarantees a better decision making. With the super bright Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight, you are guaranteed unmatched visibility at an affordable price. Lush with a 1500 lumens output, users do not need to worry about the night, the LED lights of this bike gives you daytime brightness at night. This product comes from the stables of Light and Motion, a company that has been in the lighting business for more than 20 years and has been lauded for their ability to satisfy every safety regulation while providing outstanding illumination solutions.

The Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight is designed for touring and commuting use. The unique ability of this light would be a delight for the night biker as the Taz beam illuminates not only what lies ahead on the trail, but everything to the side in a wide 45-degree arc relative to your movement. This clears out any obstacles or any distractions on the users’ pathway.

This product is light weight and is only 216 grams in an entirely self-contained, handlebar-mounted unit. Users of the Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight can adjust the light’s output with the medium and low flash settings so as not to blind an oncoming driver or cyclist; reducing its output to 750 (medium) and 350 lumens (low), respectively.

The Light & Motion Taz 1500 Bike Headlight operates in six lighting modes:

Highlighting mode: This mode offers users a 1500 lumens output at a 1.5 hours runtime

Medium lighting mode: This mode offers users a 750 lumens output at a 3 hours runtime

Low lighting mode: This mode offers users a 350 lumens output at a 6 hours runtime

Pulse: This mode offers users a 350 lumens output at a 9 hours runtime

Race High: This mode offers users an 1150 lumens output at a 2 hours runtime

Race Low: This mode offers users a 550 lumens output at a 4 hours runtime.

Light & Motion Urban 650 Bike Headlight

The powerful Light and Motion Urban 650 Headlight is the most versatile and innovative bike light in the Urban line of lights. The Urban 650 is a lightweight torchlight style front light with USB charging and a fused rubber strap.

The innovative design of this bike light means fitting the Urban 650 onto a bike is pretty straightforward. The lumen output of the Light & Motion Urban 650 Bike Headlight is quite impressive for its size, comfortably releasing more light than several more expensive lights in the market. This light offers you a brilliant 650 lumens illumination that is guaranteed to light up your path.

The signature 180 degrees Light & Motion amber side lighting is also present in this bike light, aiding side visibility in traffic and busy intersections.

There are four modes in The Light & Motion Urban 650: High, medium, low and Pulse. Given the high output and compact overall size of the urban 650, the runtimes are rational. You have 1.5 hrs, 3hrs and 6hrs on high, medium and low modes respectively. The light always comes up in high power mode, so if you’re off on a long ride or want to commute for several days without charging the light, you need to remember to drop to a lower power mode.

The Urban 650 is switched on with a single quick press of the button – no need to hold it down. Unlike many bike lights, the battery indicator is not integrated into the power button, however, there is a small LED located on the back of the light, which changes color from green to orange to red as the battery drains. When the battery drains to 5-10% remaining, the main light flashes and changes to the low power output mode to conserve the remaining power.

The IP67 waterproof rating of the Light & Motion Urban 650 means the light can still function while submerged under one meter of water for 30 minutes, just in case your ride takes you to some unfamiliar place.

A new feature in the Light & Motion Urban 650 is a quick release mount designed to leave the light’s mount on your handlebars and also, an upgraded reflector that helps you maximize depth perception on the road.

With a weight of 121 grams, the Light & Motion Urban 650 is pretty lightweight and you won’t have an issue carrying it about with you.


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