Top 5 Bike Lights Under $50

Top 5 Bike Lights Under $50 For 2017

Biking is considered as one of the most engaging outdoor activities across the world. Depending on their dynamic needs, most people take up biking as a hobby, a professional sport, exercising or as a means of transportation. That being said, it goes without saying that a bike, as compared to other sporting accessories, is quite affordable and low maintenance. However, identifying and owning all the start-up accessories essential to equip a bike entirely for comfortable and safe rides requires some effort and dedication.

The choice of the ideal bike light with great illuminating capacity and optimum features for cycling, hiking, mountain biking etc. is a decision every biking enthusiast has to make. One of the major factors affecting a user’s choice is the cost of the bike lights. The most efficient bike lights are often expensive and the biker who is on a low budget has to settle for less than is necessary because of the cost.

In a vast array of expensive high quality bike lights and cheap low quality bike lights, there are some bike lights that are affordable yet high quality. For the purpose of this article, we would assume that you are one of those seeking bike lights with all the optimum features available at an affordable price. So we decided to put together this list of the Top 5 Bike Lights under $50 that would give you best performance without drilling a huge hole in your pocket.

The top 5 Bike lights under $50 in our list include:

Blitzu Gator 380

Blitzu Cyborg 168H

Divine LEDs Bike Light

Bright Eyes 1200 Bike Light

Sahara Sailor 5600 LED Bike Headlight

Blitzu Gator 380

The Blitzu Gator is an amazing product line from the Blitzu Company. It is often described as an incredibly bright light designed to keep the biker safe as he/she journeys on the dark trails at night. The Blitzu Gator 380 emits a powerful 380 lumens of light via the latest CREE LED technology projecting up to 310 feet ahead of you. This product is lightweight with rechargeable batteries that can be charged from the computer or by any device with a USB port. You only need a maximum of 2 hours to get a full battery charge. Bikers want to be able to easily switch across various lighting modes and the Blitzu Gator 380 offers that property as its manufacturers have designed four operating modes for this product.

The four lighting modes of High (2hr runtime), Medium (4hr runtime), Low (5hr runtime), and Flashing (6hr runtime) helps the rider to make their choice of light intensity. If you have an emergency, you can set it for flash and it will continue blinking and attracting attention for up to 300 feet.

The Blitzu Gator 380 comes with 360 swivel ability where you can rotate the light to shine in any direction you want depending on your needs. Installing and removing the light from the bike is done in seconds with the aid of the one touch dismount button. This is a rare feature that most bike lights do not have.

You can’t go wrong purchasing the Blitzu Gator 380 as its IPX5 rating entails that it is water resistant and can be used for riding under any weather without having to worry about the safety of the light.

The Gator is a bike light that is universal and versatile and as such can fit all handles. At the cool price of under $50, this bike light is a must buy.

Blitzu Cyborg 168H USB Rechargeable Headlight

Everyone knows how annoying and frustrating it can be when you run out of batteries especially when you least expect it. With the Blitzu Cyborg 168H USB Rechargeable Headlight, you can now say goodbye to having to change your batteries every week.

The Blitzu cyborg 168H USB Rechargeable Headlight is dazzling with 50 micro LED chips emitting up to 168-lumen output that lights up the night, giving the biker 180 degrees visibility. This awesome bike light gives off 180 degrees wide beam of white light which catches the eye from all angles. With an IPX-4 rating, the Blitzu headlight is water resistant and is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

With most bike lights, durability is usually an issue but the Gator has proven itself to be impact resistant and built to perform. This bike is wireless and doesn’t have the burden of external batteries.

The Blitzu Cyborg USB Rechargeable Headlight is a lightweight bike light, weighing just 32 grams in addition to the internal battery. You never have to worry about buying batteries because this product is charged from the computer or any device with USB port, saving you time and money.

Biking has never been this much fun!

The Blitzu Cyborg is multipurpose as it can be used as a bicycle helmet, mountain bike headlight, road bike light and as a safety light for children’s bikes.

Users can conveniently alternate between six lighting modes of Low, Medium, High, 50% flashing, 100% Flashing, and Strobe.

With a simple button located on top of the light, users are able to control the device’s actions as well as adjust the lumens output to your desired range. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered if you are not satisfied with the product after purchase. The Blitzu cyborg 168H USB Rechargeable Headlight is a good bargain for your money as the price is relatively cheap for a product offering such great attributes.

Divine LED Bike Light

Divine LED bike light is constructed with the Divine LED technology, an innovative lighting approach that offers users some of the brightest lights in the industry. This product is durable, efficient and dependable.

Installing the Divine LED bike light on any bike is a delight because installation is tool-free and takes place in seconds.

Are you aware that 70% of fatal cycling accidents happen at night due to poor vision or lack of proper illumination? Why become another statistic to the accident victims list by going for dirt cheap bike lights that are not safe or durable when you can always leverage on the attributes provided by this affordable bike light. Every biking enthusiast deserves a quality bike light and Divine LED is poised to fit the billing.

The materials used for the production of this light are military grade materials which imply that each bike light is built with high quality, durable and waterproof materials that ensure you would not be disappointed as you bike your way through the night. Every single unit of bike light is individually checked and scrutinized to ensure that it is top quality and meets all industry standards. The Divine LED light is a must have as the company takes the time to produce quality lights as against most inferior mass produced lights in the mainstream market. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

The backlight is a small, clip-on that has three settings: Off, On, and Blinking. It attaches to the frame with a stretchy bit of plastic that is robust enough and is not prone to breaking. This arrangement means that it is easy to remove the light (for anti-theft, security reasons) and to re-install for your next trip.

With its 100% money back guarantee, you are always covered from all possible natural damages and defects. Also, Divine LEDs Bike Light comes with a 10-year warranty for more security from defections.

Bright Eyes 1200 lumen Rechargeable Bike Light

The Bright Eyes 1200 lumen Rechargeable Bike Light is one of the best lights from the Bright Eyes line of bike lights. This light gives off a terrific 1200 lumens of intense bright light to light up any dark paths thus setting it up as the perfect light for your next long commuting activity. The Bright Eyes 1200 lumen rechargeable Bike light offers users a high LED quality display as well as long lasting battery power to serve a biker’s trip all the way.

If you are looking for an easy to fix bike light across bike handles of varying diameters then the Bright Eyes 1200 lumen rechargeable light is ideal for you. When latched on the bike handle, it sits firmly and doesn’t come off regardless of bumps.

Looking for the lumen output value for your money? The Bright eyes 1200 lumen rechargeable bike light is certainly worth every dollar spent on it. This product offers:

Extremely bright 1200 lumen CREE led technology – 3 hours runtime on high lighting mode with a 6400mah battery, 5 hours runtime on medium lighting mode, and up to 26 hours on low lighting mode.

An external rechargeable waterproof battery which allows this cycling flashlight to provide illumination for.

Suitable bike light set for running, camping, hiking and mountain biking. This light also comes equipped with helmet accessories.

Lifetime guarantee on bicycle headlight / 1-year warranty on battery

The Bright Eyes 1200 lumen Rechargeable bike light comes in a 1.2 pounds weight box and is an amazing bargain for under $50

Sahara Sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight

The compelling Sahara Sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight is one bike light with a sensational lumens output that is just the perfect lighting solution for the mountain bike trail or on long rides. This high-performance bicycle light offers three levels of brightness with a maximum output of 5600 lumens. At full power, the maximum run time of the Sahara Sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight is between 2-4 hours.

This biking wonder can be easily attached to any set of handlebars and the included helmet mount makes for use on bike helmets by the rider. With adjustable levels of brightness and lumens output, the Sahara sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight is the perfect way to secure your safety when you are out on a cool ride. The luminous light produced by this bike projects super strong beam that not only offers you enhanced visibility but also provides an effective source of lighting for the darker parts of your journey home, allowing you to delve into those dark alleys and side streets.

The Sahara sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight features 3 different lighting modes:

High lighting mode provides 5600 lumens

Medium lighting mode offers 1200 lumens

Strobe lighting mode offers 5600 lumens.

The innovative waterproof design of the Sahara Sailor 5600 Lumens LED Bike Headlight means it can be used across a variety of weather conditions from sunny to rainy days.
The bike light comes with a head strap as you have access to use either the handlebar mount or head strap mount.

This light is simply super bright, heavy-duty, and stylish with a strong guarantee of effectiveness, and is ideal for you.
In a vast array of expensive bike lights offering quality available in the mainstream market, there is a glimmer of hope for avid bikers who aren’t as buoyant but still seek equal quality. Any of the bike lights listed on the top 5 bike lights under $50 is most certainly worth every dollar spent on it.